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London. Landscape


2022, Oil on canvas, 110x60 cm

The picture with a view of the London landscape presents the viewer with an unusual look at this famous city. Instead of a busy metropolis with double-decker buses, the Tower and the Thames, we see the peaceful green landscape of one of London's parks. Multi-colored bright bushes and trees, a lush lawn and a clear blue sky are not quite typical for the British capital.

Medina sees London in the summer, immersed in greenery and blooming with all the colors under the warm sun, he kindly and gently invites you to walk along the alleys, sit on a bench, lie down on the grass - plunge into a carefree time, get enough of the aromas of the most long-awaited season of the year, hear the birds singing and rustle of leaves.

A picture of a non-standard format, stretched upwards, will become an organic addition to the interior of your home, create a cozy atmosphere and cheer you up with its pure and bright colors.

.ART Digital Twin

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