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Медина  Подготовка к выставке  Видеооткрытка

Медина Подготовка к выставке Видеооткрытка

December 24, 2018

Multimedia Art Museum


Opening of the exhibition

Among the attendees was a famous art historian Mikhail Kamensky, who was deeply touched by such a bright palette of colours. “Medina’s perception of the world is so vivid, full of contrast and sincere. As an artist, Medina is absolutely unique. She doesn’t look around to see what others did before her. For me it’s obvious that there is a certain affinity between Medina and such artists as Kandinsky and Jawlensky. But I don’t think she imitates their perception of the world in any way. I think all of them just happen to have the same perception of it”.

2018 12 24 Выставка Медины видео

2018 12 24 Выставка Медины видео

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Postmodernist artist Rauf Mamedov was impressed by Medina’s works. “Jackson Pollock considered it important to preserve the image that had emerged in the artist's sub-cortex in its original form and to prevent consciousness from correcting this image on its way to the canvas. Everything is fragmented, transformed almost to atoms, to the rapid and pure colour spots. In this case the disappearance of the world of objects is fully justified. But it turns out that it’s possible to preserve the primary colours of the surrounding world without destroying the dimension of objects. Medina demonstrates this brilliantly. In her works, to quote Oscar Wilde, “life imitates art”. An amazing metamorphosis of the objective world takes place here”, Mamedov says.