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Flowers. Composition No. 7. Still life

2022, Oil on canvas, 100x100 cm

The composition, made mainly in green-blue and red-yellow colors, is similar to the reflection in the water of plants and flowers growing along the edge of the reservoir. Red and yellow buds are inscribed in vertical bright stripes of grass stalks. But their clear geometricity suggests that the flowers were specially planted in this place by an attentive gardener in order to create a harmonious pattern that pleases the eyes.

However, it may turn out that we see the flowers growing in the yard through the openwork lattice of the window, which refracts the light and reflects the riot of colors of nature, so its bars are painted in all the same colors that are presented in the plants.

Such an unusual work can become a designer decoration of any space, if its geometric features fit organically into the interior and emphasize its lines and color scheme.

.ART Digital Twin

Flowers. Composition No. 7. Still life


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